Psy to postpone the release of 'Daddy' to next year

It seems we will have to wait a little bit longer to hear some new music from Psy.

On December 1st, YG Entertainment revealed to various media outlets that Psy's single 'Daddy' which was planned to released this summer has been pushed back to next year.

According to Sports World, Psy has decided to restart working on a completely new album including 'Daddy' as he wasn't satisfied with what he had done on it so far, but later YG Entertainment denied the report and said it was a false report as Psy didn't get rid of 'Daddy' and is still working on the song.

A rep said,"There are some reports that say Psy got rid of 'Daddy' but those are not true. He just decided to postpone it until he gets a result that will satisfy him. He even filmed some extras for the MV 2 weeks ago and is currently working hard to improve the quality of its music".

Many people have been anticipating for 'Daddy' MV as Jung Woo Sung, CL and Hwang Min Woo were revealed to have made their special appearances in it.

Meanwhile, Psy will hold All Night Stand 2014' concert at Olympic Park Stadium on December 19th, 20th, 21st and 24th.