Moon Hee Jun talks about how he felt TVXQ was a threat to H.O.T in the past

Moon Hee Jun chooses TVXQ as the junior group that he felt threatened during his old days with H.O.T.

Moon Hee Jun said in a recent recording of JTBC's 'Inside Story Salon',"If the juniors have excellent skills and their development pace is too fast, sometimes you can feel the threat from them", and chose TVXQ as the junior group that made he felt that way.

He continued,"TVXQ went to greet me when they were trainees, and I already had the through at the moment that they could surpass H.O.T".

However, Moon Hee Jun showed his confidence by saying there wasn't any junior group that could rival H.O.T's popularity back in the day.

This episode will be broadcasted on December 27th at 9:40pm kst.