Lee Joon and Thunder officially announce their departure from MBLAQ + the group may continue with the remaining 3 members

It has been officially announced that Lee Joon and Thunder will be leaving MBLAQ to focus on their individual careers.

On December 16th, attorney Na Hyung Jin from the law firm Hae Sol released an official statement regarding the matter,


This is Lee Joon and Thunder' law firm Hae Sol(attorney Na Hyung Jin). On behalf of our clients Lee Joon and Thunder, we would like to make clear of our position regarding these recent speculations and reports about their exclusive contracts as well as their future plans.

First, Lee Joon and Thunder' contracts with J.Tune Camp have ended at the end of last November along with the Curtain Call concert, as well as their activities with MBLAQ.

And for their future activities, Lee Joon will focus on the filming of 'Mr.Baek' drama, while Thunder is planning to focus on his music studying for the time being.

Finally, our clients would like to thank all the fans who have given them support and love for the past 5 years, and they will repay fans with a more mature image. Thank you"

With the departure of 2 members, many fans are wondering whether MBLAQ will continue promoting with the remaining 3 members. In regard of this matter, J.Tune Camp assured fans by stating that the group will not disband and there might be new members to be recruited,"We are still discussing whether MBLAQ will continue with 3 members or the group will be reorganized. However, it's still early to talk about anything regarding the matter".