Kim Yoo Jung's older sister surprises everyone with her beauty on 'Happy Together 3'

Kim Yoo Jung's older sister made her appearance on KBS's 'Happy Together 3' and has quickly attracted much attention for her beauty.

During the broadcast of the show on December 4th, as the topic of the day was about eating, Kim Yoo Jung's older sister Kim Yeon Jung talked about her little sister through an interview video which was prepared beforehand. She said,"My sister comes out really pretty and cute on TV, but she eats really well at home. My mom always makes food according to the three siblings, but when she comes back from school she always eat all of them so I remember we fought over food a lot".

Kim Yeon Jung added,"Yoo Jung is on a diet these days so she can't eat lunch at school but instead she eats cucumbers and tomatoes. I found it really sad". She later sent a message to her little sister,"Yoo Jung ah, you must be going through a hard time and I'm sorry that I can't do anything about it. I hope you will become a good actress, Unnie will always cheer for you".