Kim So Eun: "I show my real side on We Got Married"

Actress Kim So Eun, who recently finished drama 'Liar Game,' had an interview with fashion magazine 'SURE.'

Kim So Eun is receiving a lot of attention these days as she created a nice couple with Song Jae Rim in MBC's 'We Got Married'.

Kim So Eun said, "I do not need to act in the program, so I show all my real side. I could feel how much variety programs can contribute to my popularity. People started approaching me much easier, and I hope to keep showing that kind of person I am through the program."

Besides career, she also talked about how she takes care of her beauty, "I need to keep my make-up on for 48 hours when I have recording. When I feel my skin getting tried up, I take a shower first, and put some aloe mask on my face. I always buy a lot of masks, and use them a lot often. When I am done with the masks, I put moisturizers on, and go to bed right away."

See more pictures and read full Kim So Eun's interview on January edition of fashion magazine 'SURE'.