Kim Gu Ra to return to 'War of Words' following his hiatus due to panic disorber

Kim Gu Ra will return to his spot on JTBC's 'War of Words' after having a break due to his panic disorber.

'War of Words' PD, Kim Soo Ah revealed that Kim Gu Ra will participate in the recording of Part 1 and Part 2 of the show today on December 29th.

As the recordings of 'Radio Star' and 'Quiz To Change The World' for this year are already concluded so Kim Gu Ra is expected to resume his activities starting from eatly next year.

Kim Gu Ra was hospitalized on December 18th as he suffered chest pain, discomfort and cold sweats which later were diagnosed as the symptoms from panic disorber. He has been taking a break from all his broadcast activities and resting at home to recover both mentally and physically.

With his recovery, many people are wondering if he will attend '2014 MBC Entertainment Awards' later today, a rep said they're still looking over his condition as the award ceremony is a live broadcast which is different from a normal recording.