Kang So Ra surprises everyone by wearing a 35$ dress at '2014 MAMA'

Kang So Ra has attracted much attention for her fashion at '2014 MAMA' in Hong Kong on December 3rd.

After Kang So Ra's appearance on the red carpet for '2014 MAMA', netizen quickly found out that the blue lace dress she wore at the event was actually from H&M and costed only 39,000 won(around 35$), which shocked many people at how the dress looked way more pricey and luxury when the actress wore it.

In regard of this issue, Kang So Ra's agency confirmed that the dress was indeed from H&M with the price of only 35$. They also added,"We priority what will suit her image the best regardless of the price and brand. Kang So Ra trusts her stylist and she's also ok with it so she decided to wear the dress".

Even though it's a cheap dress, Kang So Ra sure looked stunning and still managed to attract the spotlight thanks to her glamorous body.