Kang Ji Young says she has wanted to become an actress right after Kara's debut

Kang Ji Young reveals that she has always wanted to pursur acting ever since her debut with Kara.

She said in a recent interview with Japanese magazine 'with' on December 20th,"Right after my debut with Kara, I started thinking 'In the future, I want to become an actress that can even do action stunts'","I has started practicing boxing since last year, preparing for my career step by step".

After her departure from Kara, Kang Ji Young left for United Kingdom for her study, but it only lasted 6 months until she was reported to sign an exclusive contract with a Japanese agency. In regard of this, Kang Ji Young said,"I have always wanted to live in England one day. But an acquaintance of my friend knew the boss of my current agency", explaining about how the opportunity came to her.

Kang Ji Young also said that she's currently focusing on learning Japanese. During her Japanese promotions with Kara, she was said to be awkward at the language. She revealed her method on improving her Japanese skill,"I try to talk in daily conversations without a translator".

Kang Ji Young is currently active with her actin career in Japan.