JYJ unveils the cover photos from Jeju island for 'The JYJ' latest issue

JYJ will unveil their story while on a healing trip to Jeju island in the fourth issue of 'The JYJ' magazine.

On December 30th, C-Jes Entertainment has revealed the first set of photos of JYJ which will be used as the covers for the magazine. A rep said,"The January issue of 'The JYJ' will be released simultaneously in both Korea and Japan. Park Yoochun, Kim Jaeioong and Kim Junsu all collaborated with the famous photographers from the previous issue this photoshoot as well, to fully capture the story of their trip to Jeju island".

The rep continued,"The members directly consulted with the photographers and personally chose the locations for the photoshoot in Jeju island. Kim Jaejoong went for a healing journey together with nature, Park Yoochun showed the image of a man having the last free trip in his 20's, and Kim Junsu captured the mysterious side of Jeju island through night views and sunsets"

This issue 'The JYJ' magazine will be available in January 2015.