J.Tune Camp confirms that MBLAQ will continues as a trio + to release new album next year

Following the previous report about Lee Joon and Thunder' departure from the group, and also whether MBLAQ will continue promoting with 3 remaining members, J.Tune Camp has released their official statement regarding the issue.

J.Tune Camp stated,"At the end of a long discussion between the members and the company regarding Lee Joon and Thunder' possible contract renewal, we have decided to respect their opinions to go their seperate ways. The two members have expressed their desire to focus on their individual acting and music careers so we sincerely wish them to fulfill their dreams in a good enviroment in the future".

"In addition, regardless of the end of the two members' group activities, MBLAQ will continue in the future. MBLAQ is planning to release a new album as a trip in the first half of next year, and also proceed with solo albums and individual activities. We thank all the people who have given much cheer and support for MBLAQ once again, and we ask that you continue to show a lot of love and interest'.