Hyosung assures fans that there's nothing wrong between Secret and TS Entertainment

Following B.A.P's lawsuit against TS Entertainment, there was a report stating that there's another group who also has problems regarding the income distribution with the comapny. With many fans are worrying that the group might be Secret, Hyosung as the group's leader has stepped up and assured fans about the matter.

On December 2nd, Hyosung wrote a message on Secret's official fan cafe:

"How are you doing Secret Time? The weather has become more chilly so I think it's time that we should take out our warm clothes. Everyone please be careful of the cold.

It seems you have been worrying about something that is full of imagination that we didn't say ourselves. Right now we are spending each day as we happily and busily carrying out our schedules occassionally and preparing for our next album.

Our babies, don't worry about Secret. Instead I hope you pour your love and interest into other things such as thinking how you can wrap up the rest of December well, how you can celebrate the new year 2015 well, and what to do during our fanclub inauguration ceremony. We would be more thankful if you do it that way".