Girls' Generation's Seohyun to perform with S.E.S' Shoo and Bada for 'Infinity Challenge' year-end concert

Girls' Generation's Seohyun will perform with S.E.S members at MBC's 'Infinity Challenge - Saturday, Saturday is for Singers' concert.

On December 12th, a rep from SM Entertainment revealed that Seohyun will replace Eugeun's spot in S.E.S due to her pregnancy to stand on stage with Shoo and Bada at 'Infinity Challenge' year-end concert.

It was said that Seohyun has been practicing S.E.S' hit songs such as 'I Love You' and more with Shoo and Bada, which has stired up the anticipation of many people towards the upcoming concert.

'Infinity Challenge - Saturday, Saturday is for Singers' will gather the popular artists from the 90s to create a remiscent special concert. Kim Gun Mo, Turbo, Jinusean, Cool, Kim Hyun Jung, S.E.S, Jo Sung Mo, So Chan Hwi have been confirmed up until now. Seo Taiji is still expected to join in the concert.

The concert will be held on December 18th at MBC Dream Center Open Hall.