Fly to the sky and Gummy to hold a collaboration concert

A ballad duo Fly to the sky, made up of Brian and Hwanhee and solo singer Gummy who share 14 years of friendship will team up for their first collaboration concert. 

The concert named "The Cclim", which means a feeling of attraction toward someone, will take place at Kyung Hee University’s Great Peace Palace for three days from Dec. 23 to 25. Fly to the sky will sing their latest song, “You You You” and “Shall We Love,” in which Gummy featured, and Gummy will go on with “I loved ... with no regrets”. In addition, they also prepare other special joint performances with dance choreography.

Gummy, who said she hesitated to work with her long-time friends in the past, was glad when Hwanhee suggested the idea. 

Brian shared, “There were so many good things happened to our group this year, but I feel burdened for next year. It will be more concerning for us”.

Meanwhile, the ticket price of concert will range from 77,000 won to 132,000 won and people can purchase from Interpark and Yes24.