Eun Ji Won revealed to be working on his solo album + denies Sechkies's reunion

Eun Ji Won revealed to be preparing for his solo comeback and also officially denied the rumour of Sechkies's upcoming reunion.

On December 5th, Eun Ji Won's agency stated,"The reports saying Sechkies members include Eun Ji Won, Jang Su Won, Kang Sung Hoon, Kim Jae Duk, Lee Jae Jin and except Ko Ji Yong, have recently fisnished recording for their new album are not true at all. He has no plan to rejoin Sechkies for their promotions".

The rep continued,"He's currently preparing for his solo album while aiming for next year's comeback. He has done recording for 8 songs and if there are more songs to be added, it will be likely a full-length album. We are still discussing whether to release it as a full or mini album".

In addition, regarding Sechkies's reunion rumour, member Jang Su Won also directly said,"I have not even gone to the recording studio"