Who slays the red suit? HongKi vs Heechul

We know we're not supposed to battle them out since they are too good of being friends they even havetheir own circle of AB-buddies called 'Chocoball' (yummy!)

Anyway, not anyone can pull off a full red suit and you have to have the guts to get heads turn on you. Fortunately, our courageous 'chocoballs' are not like that. Wearing red matching suit, with a basic white tee underneath, HongKi and Heechul flaunt it in different ways and in different occasions.

But who do you think pulled it off? See more photos below:

Is it Heechul? Ah it's Hongki? or.. ah forget it 'coz Heechul is so supportive he's carrying Hongki-designed 'Doesn't Matter' pouch.