Ulala Session to release 1st full-length album 'reJOYce' on November 19th

Ulala Session will make their comeback with 1st full-length album 'reJOYce' this November.

On November 7th, Ulala Company announced that Ulala Session will release their 1st album 'reJOYce' on November 19th. The 2nd title track of the album will be pre-released on the upcoming 11th at noon.

The pre-released track is said to be a ballad which was composed by composer Kim Ji Soo and penned by Kim Ji Hyang who previously worked on Seo In Guk & Zia's 'Breaking Up Man and Woman' and Park Hyo Shin's 'Wild Flower'.

'reJOYce' will be available at noon on November 19th.