The police reveals to have found the distributor of Lovelyz's Seo Ji Soo + to be summoned for questioning

It's been revealed that the distributor, who diffused all the sexual rumours about Lovelyz's Seo Ji Soo, have been found and will be summoned for further questioning soon.

On November 18th, a rep from the cyber invertigation unit of Seoul Mapo Police Department told Newsen,"We have identified the netizen's identity who is suspected to be the first one to diffuse all the rumours about Seo Ji Soo. However we need more investigations in order to confirm whether he/she was the initial source. We are planning to summon the individual for as early as this week, however it's still undecided yet".

Seo Ji Soo previously revealed to have suffered frm severe stress due to all the malicious rumours and is currently receiving treatment at a hospital. Until everything is solved, she will be temporary hiatus from all the group' promotions.