Starship X to hold a special concert in December

Starship Entertainment has revealed that they are going to hold their first all-star concert on December 5th.

Starship X is an independent record label that Starship Entertainment established last year, and they released Soyou and Mad Clown's 'Stupid In Love' as their first project. Artists of Starship Entertainment including JunggiGO, Mad Clown, Hyorin, Soyou, Joo Young, and new boy group NUBOYZ will show up to bring fans their best stages.

A representative of Starship Entertainment said, "Starship X All Night Concert' is going to feature some of the greatest K-Pop musicians on the field, and show the huge potential of Starship X label once again".

'Starship X All Night Concert' will be held on December 5th at Walker Hill Theater Hall, and tickets for the concert will be opened on November 17th.