Song Il Gook "Sometimes I'm still surprised the triplets are my sons"

Actor Song Il Gook, who is receiving a lot of love as a father of triplets on entertainment program ‘Superman returns’ is coming back with a new movie, ‘Entangled’. 

In a recent interview, Song Il Gook explained that his image changed due to the show. He said “I never thought that my image is such fierce”. He freely laughed, saying “Now, I think my image can be confirmed as children’s dad. And it's a good thing”

To public’s love towards his triplets, he smiled, “Maybe they are more surprised there are three. Sometimes, even I am still surprised they are really my children.”

The image of Song Il Gook who has two in his arms and carries one on his back with Daehan, Minguk, Mansae is the image of a young, healthy, good and ideal father in people's eyes and it helps raising his popularity.

Meanwhile, his upcoming movie, ‘Entangled’ will be released on November 6th.