SM artists gather and put on their costumes for Halloween Party!

SMTOWN are having their Halloween Party tonight and it's time for their artists to put on their costumes.
Let's see some transformation SM artists from SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior, Red Velvet, EXO, SMRookies, and more prepared for the night.

Can you name them all behind their awesome make up and costumes? Pick your best dressed of the night!

Happy Birthday! 

We see Audrey Hepburn..

Cute kids are ready to ask trick or treat from their seniors

A hot blue-eyed vampire!

SNSD's tiger woman? How pretty!

 Hi Olaf! So you're a girl!

 Aww pretty ladies! Oh no! He's not a she!

 We want to join you in Wonderland!

 Hey! You're beside a cop! A beautiful cop!

 I know that rabbit!

 Unnie don't bruise yourself!
 The little poohs!

 what a joke! Joker can't be this handsome! 

Am I supposed to be scared? 

Someone wanna take the 'best dressed' award!

The sunbaes have arrived