Roy Kim to sing Lee Jong Suk's character theme song for 'Pinocchio'

Roy Kim will be the next one to participate in the OST for SBS's drama 'Pinocchio'.

On November 26th, CJ E&M revealed that Roy Kim will be singing the theme song for Lee Jong Suk's character Choi Dal Po in 'Pinocchio'. The song is described to be accompanied by a beautiful guitar melody and heartfelt lyrics, and it helps emphasize on Choi Dal Po's one side feeling for Choi In Na even more with Roy Kim's emotioal voice.

A rep from the OST production said,"Roy Kim did his best during the recording and he also wished for th success of the drama. He took care of the staff well without losing his smile. We could work comfortably thanks to him".

Roy Kim said,"It's a drama with a pretty story so I sang with a joyful heart. I hope it will become another fun for the viewers".

Roy Kim's OST will be released on November 27th.