Rain to act alongside actress Tang Yan in new Chinese movie

Singer and actor Rain has confirmed to star in upcoming Chinese movie titled "Diamond Lover".

In the movie, he becomes the CEO of the world's best diamond company. He is well mannered but keeps his distance from others, until everything changes when he falls in love. Rain will act alongside famous actress Tang Yan, who is popular through "Perfect Couple," "Chinese Paladin 3," and "My Daughter". 

The movie also draws a lot of attention from public as it will be directed by Chen Ming Zhang, who directed the original Taiwanese version of "Fated To Love You" and Rain's salary for his role has been reported to be $6 million, which is a very impressive figure.

After wrapping up recent drama "My lovely girl" with fx's Krystal, Rain will head to China in December to start filming. He will be busy flying back and forth among Shanghai, Nanjing, Belgium and Seoul as scheduled.