Noh Hong Chul reported to have been under suspicion for drunk driving + Dispatch releases proof photos

Noh Hong Chul revealed to have been caught drink driving and is currently under investigation.

Seoul Gangnam Police revealed on November 8th that Noh Hong Chul was caught for his drunk driving in his Smart Fortwo at around 1am kst at Seoul Customs Service Intersection. According to the police, Noh Hong Chul requested to not take blood alcoho level and eventually went home after completing a primary blood measurement.

The police said even though Noh Hong Chul didsn't show any of him being drunk but he had the smelled like alcoho. He also admitted to drink soju and wine before driving for 20 ~ 30m. The police said they sent his blood sample to the National Forensic Service for a blood alcoho level and will decide on the punishment later once the result is confirmed.