Noh Hong Chul releases official apology regarding his drunk driving incident + to voluntarry get off from 'Infinity Challenge' and 'I Live Alone'

Noh Hong Chul has released an official apology through MBC following his drunk driving incident earlier this morning on November 8th.

The apology wrote,

"This is Noh Hong Chul.

I sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to the viewers due to my drinking and driving earlier this morning.

I'm very sorry for showing a disappointing image of myself to many people who care for me due to my wrong judgment at the moment. I'm painfully reflecting for not having a better self management.

Therefore, I have delivered my wish to step from all the programs that I'm currently joining to the production crews. I made this decision in order to no longer cause any discomfort to all the viewers.

From now on I will continue to take time to go into a self-reflection and self-restrain. Once again I would like to apologize to all the viewers".

Noh Hong Chul are currently joining both 'Infinity Challenge' and 'I Live Alone' on MBC. Even though the production teams said that they are still looking into the issue, but it seems Noh Hong Chul has made up his mind to withdraw from both programs.