'Music Bank in Mexico' reported to have paused recording due to fans throwing underwears on stage

'Music Bank in Mexico' which was held on October 30th in Mexico City was reported to have a pause in the recording due to some fans throwing their underwears onstage during B.A.P and EXO-K' performances.

According to various reports, over 12,000 fans gathered at Mexico City Arena to watch their favourite artists at 'Music Bank'. Maybe since this was once in a while event, some fans were overly excited and they started throwing their bras and underwears on the stage during B.A.P's 'One Shot' and EXO-K's 'Growl' performances.

As the situation was getting more serious as the underwears were clearly shown on screen, the organizers had to pause the recording and said,"Please restrain yourself and stop throwing your underwears on stage". One EXO-K member said following the incident,"Although there were some fans who got a little too excited, it was nice seeing them to link arm with each other to create a barrier in order to stop the chaos situation".

Check out some of the videos below