LOVELYZ' Seo Ji Soo absent at debut showcase due to mental shock

LOVELYZ' debuting member Seo Ji Soo is reported to be absent at the group's debut showcase today due to her health state caused by mental shock from rumors.

Woollim Entertainment told Newsen on 11, "Seo Ji Soo's mental situation is very important. Daily activities are not possible as of now so she is absent at showcase today."

As described, Seo Ji Soo is undergoing a very difficult situation emotionally and mentally. She would have a pale face and often falls during practice. She doesn't have appetite as well. In addition, Woollim said, "Seo Ji Soo has never been traumatized like this. On 11th, during practice, her body was about to give up so we decided to give her a rest." On the following day, Seo Ji Soo's appeared very tired so it has been decided to postpone her activities since her health is more important.

The cause of this started when malicious rumors about her pre-debut days posted up online with accounts and photos as proofs. On November 10, Woollim Entertainment stated that they are taking legal actions.