Lee Bo Young to voice cameo in the upcoming episode of 'Pinocchio'

Following the food truck, this time Lee Bo Young continues showing her support for Lee Jong Suk by making a voice episode in the upcoming episode of 'Pinocchio'.

The viewers will be able to hear the actress's voice on the 3rd episode of the drama on November 19th,
making a special 'reunion' with Lee Jong Suk.

A drama rep said,"We're thankful to Lee Bo Young for sending a food truck and making a surprise appearance due to her ties with director Jo Soo Won, writer Park Hye Ryun and Lee Jong Suk. This scene was even more fun to shoot thanks to the support of Lee Bo Young. Please look forward to it with a lot of your interest".

This episode of 'Pinocchio' will be on air on November 19th at 10pm kst.