Lee Bo Young sends a food truck to Lee Jong Suk and the staff on the set of 'Pinocchio'

Actress Lee Bo Young shows her support for Lee Jong Suk and the staff of SBS's 'Pinocchio' by sending a food truck on the filming set.

A rep from the production crew said on November 16th,"Actress Lee Bo Young, who has a special relationship with Jo Soo Won director, Park Hye Ryun scriptwriter and actor Lee Jong Suk, sent a food truck to our filming set".

According to the rep, the actress sent the food truck which contained of 100 servings of Korean food to the filming set on November 14th. Ever since 'I Can Hear Your Voice' from last year, she has remained a special bond with Lee Jong Suk, director Jo Soo Won and scriptwriter Park Hye Ryun.

Lee Jong Suk also left a message to Lee Bo Young,"Bo Young noona, I will eat the food well. I will eat a lot to gain strength and make a good drama".

Meanwhile, 'Pinocchio' is airing every Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm kst.