Jackson reveals the real deal between him and KARA's Youngji

GOT7's Jackson is caught off-guard with questions about his relationship with KARA's Youngji after their bickerings on 'Roommate' started to turn into speculations of a growing intimate relationship among netizens.

During their comeback showcase for their new album 'Identity',  Jackson makes clarifications to end the speculations about their 'some' relationship. He said,

"Me and Youngji are just really close friends only. It's not like 'some' relationship." He is also asked about another Roommate member Lee Guk Joo, to whom he's very affectionate with. He said, "Noona (Gukjoo) is really like a noona (sister) to me. She takes care of me like my real sister." He continued with a witty comment, "But she likes Seo Kang Joon so there's nothing I can do."

Meanwhile, GOT7 is going on a full pledge promotions starting today with their first album 'Identity'.