Happy birthday to NU'EST's Ren

Stage Name: Ren
Birth Name: Choi Min Ki
Birthday: November 3, 1995
Position: Vocalist and Maknae
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Blood Type: O
Horoscope: Scorpio
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Watching movies and listening to music
Favorite food: Pasta, Kim chi jigae, Kanjang Kkaet Ip
Favorite artist: Lady Gaga
Twitter: @choigoren

- He likes girls with short hair.
- He danced in After School Blue’s MV “Wonder Boy”.
- Even in the high school Ren was popular.
- Ren hates it when people criticize knowing nothing about him or lie to him.
- He likes animals.
- When he is alone, he likes to sleep.
- Wanted to be a singer since he was young.
- Ren is the most mischievous and playful among the members, but he almost never laughs.
- In the beginning some people compared Ren with Amber from F(x).