Han Ye Seul and Teddy claim that they are still dating well

Actress Han Ye Seul and YG's producer Teddy assure everyone that they are still dating well with each other.

Recently there have been some rumours speculating that both Han Ye Seul and Teddy are no longer together, but the actress has claimed that their relationship is still going strong as her side stated,"We've checked with them and there's no problem between the two".

An official also said,"Han Ye Seul didn't have any filming schedule on November 24th so the two of them went on a date. They still maintain their good relationship cause they communicate with each other well".

A rep from the drama also revealed that the actress talks to her boyfriend on the phone during her break time, making everyone envious.

Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul is staring in SBS's drama 'Birth of a Beauty'.