Get Featured as DKP's Fanartist of the Day! Read details

ATTENTION!!! Get featured and your talent be known!

Daily Kpop News team is acknowledging graphic artists behind the awesome and cute fanarts of kpop-idols. Prior to that, we are featuring a fanartist and their fanart on our page twice a day. 

If you're interested to be featured on our page, please follow the directions below:

1. Make a fanart of idols who you think are trending these days. (group, couple, soloist, etc).
2. Make a short caption/description for your fanart and submit it to tru e-mail with the format below:

To: kyurishanadkp @ yahoo . com (no spaces)
Subject: DKP Fanart

Fanart description: (1-2 sentences or one liner is fine)
Artist's name or alias:
Aritst's SNS accounts:

*Attach the fanart (image) on your email and make sure the image is in high quality.

3. We are going to pick two (2) fanarts and feature the artists on our Facebook page.

You can submit a maximum of 3 fanarts a day (we will choose one). Make sure that the fanart is solely an original work of yours and not from a different person, because we will give credits to the artist. We will ignore the submission of those who won't comply with the directions.

Send in your submissions now and let others know how creative you are.

Check out the first featured artist here