Actress Kim Ja Ok passes away due to lung cancer at age 63

Veteran actress Kim Ja Ok revealed to have passed away at age 63 today on November 16th.

Kim Ja Ok was diagnosed with colorectal cancer back in 2008 and underwent a surgery, but it later spreaded to the other parts of her body such as lung and lymphatic glands which caused her to leave the world as of today.

Born in 1951, the actress made her debut in 1970 and had received much love from many people for her various projects from dramas to variety shows such as 'High Kick Through The Roof', 'Ojakgyo Brothers', 'Noona Over Flowers'...

Kim Ja Ok passed away today on November 16th at Seoul Catholic University of Korea. Her funeral will be held on the 19th at 8:30am kst.

We offer our deepest condolences to Kim Ja Ok and her family. May she rest in peace.