ZE:A's leader Moon Junyoung to go on hiatus for reflection

Star Empire announces today that ZE:A's leader Moon Junyoung will be taking a break from all group activities as well as SNS to have time for reflection for causing worries and trouble to public especially to fans.

Star Empire posts their official statement on various platforms such as ZE:A's fancafe and SNS accounts.

The agency mentioned that the conflict was raised when ZE:A members were dissatisfied due to the agency's slow act to treat Taehyun's injury after his MMA fight. With this as the base, the members expressed that they wouldn't want to talk to their agency and in behalf of the members, Junyoung took his frustration over Twitter to get public sentiment for the agency to respond to the matter quickly. According to the agency, it wasn't the a wise move but for the leader, it was the only choice.

After the commotion on 21, Junyoung apologized about everything he had written and stated that everything was solved. However, contracting ideas and sentiment have been posted again by Junyoung stating that the solution mentioned is solely from the agency's point of view not his. Things have gotten perplexed and the public started to treat the situation ill and his words were misunderstood. Due to this, Star Empire is apologetic for the misunderstanding that caused pain to Junyoung, to his members and to his fans and expresses remorse out of the situation.

Finally, Star Empire announces that Junyoung will be temporarily halting group activities as well as SNS interactions to take time to reflect. Besides, ZE:A's leader has started to do so in the past month and expressed intent to do more for causing trouble to public especially to their fans. The agency continues, "We ask you to wait for Junyoung's return with a good image. He also expresses that you support the 8 members." Star Empire concludes their official stance by promising a new system considering ZE:A's opinions as well as agency's president Shin Joo Hak and will have harmonious and honest communication between its artists and to the fans.

What do you think about their decision?