Younha to get off from her DJ position on 'Starry Night' radio

Younha will leave her DJ position on MBC FM 'Starry Night' afer 3 years and 5 months.

On October 29th, Younha's agency Wealive announced that the singer's last broadcast on 'Starry Night' will be on November 2nd.

Younha shared her thought through her agency,"Up until now, I've met many people through 'Starry Night' and have spent precious once in a lifetime moments while communicating with the listeners. In the future, as a radio listener myself, I would like everyone to listen to my precious album when I come visit the radio as a guest, I will put in all my effort preparing for my album. I will be back with an album that full of good music as a singer Younha".

In addition, Younha will hold a year-end concert at Ehwa Women University on December 27 & 28.