YG Entertainment's new boy group iKON to debut in January next year

iKON has been revealed to make their official debut next January!

On October 22nd, CEO Yang Hyun Suk said to Star News,"iKON will work on their album a little bit more after 'Mix & Match' ends and will make their official debut in January next year".

He continued,"In Winner's case, since they made their debut with an album instead of a single so it took them 10 months after the survival program 'WIN' ended last year to prepare for their debut last August. But for iKON, just like when 2NE1 first came out in the past, they will debut with a single and then will continue with numberous releases of new singles so their preparation time will be lesser than Winner".

He also added,"Because B.I, who is already a confirmed member of iKON, has been working on a lot of songs so that's the reason why the group can make their debut soon after 'Mix & Match' ends. After their debut in January next year, iKON will continue release as many singles as they can and will have a lot of domestic activites throughout the year".

Up until now, B.I, Bobby and Kim Jin Hwan have been confirmed as the members of iKON. The final match of 'Mix & Match' will be filmed today on October 22nd.