Tyler Kwon assures Jessica's business to be stable in press release

Many are flocking over Jessica's business standing after being taken out of Girls Generation. Just recently, Jessica's fashion line 'BLANC' has been rebranded as 'BLANC & ECLARE'.

Because of the change right after the drop out issue, not only concerned fans but many are speculating if her business is stable enough to support her.

In response to this, capital investor Tyler Kwon has released a press release and posted on the website.


10 OCTOBER: In response to speculation regarding the BLANC & ECLARE corporate structure, capital investor Tyler Kwon responds on behalf of the Company’s Board of Directors: 

“BLANC & ECLARE is a privately owned company. Founder Jessica Jung took the helm as Head Designer and sought support from Coridel Capital Partners, the only other party providing investment capital to the Company, to support the Founder's goals and ambitions. To date, the Company and its Board of Directors have not approached any other outside equity investors and there are no plans for the debt-free Company to do so in the near future. We have tremendous confidence and remain fully committed to the BLANC & ECLARE team that continues to be focused on and executing its global strategic vision.”

To get the gist out of it, Tyler Kwon makes clear that only his company is investing to Jessica's fashion line and will not seek any further investor in the future. He also stated that there's no plan of pulling back and confident enough to continue their business partnership.