The organizer of the Pangyo Techno Valley Festival reported to have committed suicide

Following the tragedic incident at Pangyo Techno Vallet Festival which occured on October 16th, today it was reported that one of the organizers of the event have committed suicide.

According to the police on October 18th, one of the organizers named Mr.Oh(37) was found lying on the street next to a building in Bundang, Pangyo Techno Valley at 7:15am kst. The act was revealed to have happened when he went home for about 1 hour and 20 minutes after receiving investigation from the police yesterday.

On the 17th, a ventilation window collapsed during 4Minute's performance at Pangyo Techno Valley Cultural Festival which cause many people to fall from the height of 10 meters. 16 have been confirmed dead and 11 have been seriously injured.