Teen Top's Changjo to make acting debut in drama 'Sweden Laundry'

Teen Top's Changjo has been casted as the male lead in MBC Every1 and MBC Drama Net's upcoming drama 'Sweden Laundry'.

'Sweden Laundry' is said to be a comic fantasy drama which tells the story of a laundromat female owner who can read people' troubles through their laundry. Changjo will play the role of Yong Soo Chul who makes a lot of mistakes but always does his best to achieve his dreams. He will ve involved in a love line with actress Song Ha Yoon who will play as the female lead.

Changjo shared his thought,"I'm nervous since it's my first drama, but the members are all cheering me on, becoming a big strength for me. I want to show a different side of me that I haven't been able to show yet through 'Sweden Laundry'. I will work hard for it"

'Sweden Laundry' will be broadcasted in November.