Tao sends message for hateful EXO fans and defends Sehun on SNS

EXO Tao has written a message for their Chinese fans who seem to be sending numerous amount of hateful messages.

Earlier today, fellow member Sehun created a weibo account. However, seems like some Chinese EXO-L are not happy about it that made Tao comment about it using his weibo, "Sehun created weibo account to for you is something to be happy about, isn't? If you like him, follow him but if not, then don't  send hateful comments to him. You guys are  EXO-Ls, why are you doing this?"

Sehun seems to be surprised as well as he wrote, "What's going on? Please stop it..just we are one ! I love you all!"

Tao also posted a message directed to his own haters, "To everyone who say something bad about me, you can do whatever you want. Making fake stories, I don't care any of that. But don't talk maliciously about my family, my members, and fans who love us."

Not only on their weibo accounts, but hateful fans are also flocking on their instagram accounts and sending hateful comments. Fortunately, some are also trying to comment good things and encouraging words in order to bury the malicious ones.

Source: Tao, Sehun