Taeyeon cries at TTS fansign, 'All I want is to protect SNSD, I'm sorry'

TaeTiSeo carried out their fansigning event in the afternoon of October 1 at Lotte Department Store Cheongnyangni, Seoul. The event started 30 minutes later than originally scheduled.

With the drop out of Jessica from SNSD, fans have all their eyes and ears to SNSD members especially after their fanmeeting in China on 30th.

Fans who attended the 'Holler' fansigning have unanimous fanaccounts written on internet community saying that Taeyeon had made a statement and cried as she said, "Right from the start, I've only wanted  to protect Girls' Generation. That's all I am thinking about. I'm sorry for making you all go through this. From now on, we will try harder to make sure only good things to happen."

There are also accounts saying Seohyun also apologized and said "For one more time, trust us. Thank you and love you."

The fansigning event has ended with three members crying. In this situation, Jessica and SM Entertainment have offered contrasting statement that make it unclear to see a conclusion.

Let's hope for a smooth closure without any pain in both parties.

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