Song Ji Eun to release 1st mini album '25' on October 14th

Song Ji Eun will be releasing her 1st mini album '25' this month!

On October 1st, the first album jacket photo has been unveiled which shows Song Ji Eun having a surprise expressio with wide eyes while cupping her face with both hands. She is also covered with colorful confetti scattering around her. The photo exudes a more lovely and fresh atmosphere which is totally different from her previous solo concepts.

The title track is 'Beautiful 25' which is produced by Duble Sidekick. The song will describes the feeling of a woman who is in the mid of her 20s and 30s. Song Ji Eun will be showing a totally new image throughout this mini album.

In addition, the track 'Don't Look At Me Like That' which was pre-released last week will also be included in this mini album.