Song Ji Eun to make her first acting challenge in web drama 'Drawing, Spring'

Secret's Song Ji Eun will make her acting debut in through a web drama.

According to TS Entertainment, Song Ji Eun will play as the 4-dimensional character named Mal Ja in web drama 'Drawing, Spring'. It will be her first time taking on the acting challenge through the web drama.

She will play the role of Mal Ja who is a part-time worker at a PR company. Even though she loves all living creatures, she has experienced a trauma with horses. Lee Won Geun and Yoo Se Hyung will also star in this web drama and they will involve in a love triangle with Song Ji Eun.

'Drawing, Spring' will be directed by Kim Young Min who previously worked on SBS's drama 'Sign' and Kim Hak Soo who was a cinematographer of movie 'Spy'. It will soon be broadcasted through Naver TV Cast.