SM Entertainment's rookie actor Kim Ian to star as the lead role in 'Sweden Laundry'

SM Entertainment's rookie actor Kim Ian has been confirmed as the male lead in MBC Every1's drama 'Sweden Laundry'.

'Sweden Laundry' is a comic fantasy drama which tells the story of a female owner of a laundromat who has the ability to read people'w worries regarding love, friendship, work...

Kim Ian will take the role of Park Ki Joon who is a dentist with good background family and specs yet he has a wacky charm. He will be involved in a love triangle with Kim Bom(Song Ha Yoon) and Yong Soo Chul(Teen Top's Changjo).

Even thought Kim Ian has previously appeared in various projects such as MBC's 'To The Beautiful You', movies 'Pirates' and 'Fashion King' but this will be the first time he will star in a drama as a lead character.

'Sweden Laundry' will be broadcasted through MBC cable channels next month.