SM Entertainment releases official statement about Luhan's lawsuit

Earlier today EXO-M's Luhan was reported to have filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract. Now the agency has come out with an official statement regarding the issue.

Here comes the statement,

"We learned of Luhan's lawsuit through the law firm today.

We are puzzled because of the sudden lawsuit while we were in the process of dicussing about his future plans after he expressed his wish to focus more on his individual activities in China rather than EXO group promotions due to to his health issues.

However, it's similar to Kris's case seeing how he filed a lawsuit without any reason by using the same law firm and manner after gaining popularity through group activities, we think that this is a case when one is prioritizing his own benefit and ignoring the understading of the contract with the company as well as all the relevant parties. We are suspicious about there is someone pulling the string behind the scene.

Regarding this situation, we are planning to actively take action with overseas partners including those in China and legal experts.

EXO will still proceed with their schedules as planned"