Seo Taiji Profile

Stage Name: Seo Taiji (서태지)
Real Name: Jung Hyun Chul (정현철)
Birthday: February 21, 1972
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Label: Yedang entertainment
Occupation: singer, musician, songwriter
Blood Type: O
Height: 173cm
Weight: 55kg
Favorite Food: Pork Ribs

- Seo Taiji is known as the legend who introduced incorporating elements of popular musical genres in the United States and contributed considerably larger to Korean pop culture and Korean pop's development in the 1990s.
- He was a member of "Seo Taiji and Boys" , a South Korean boy band and also the first modern highly successful band in the South Korean music industry.
- He is old husband of actress Lee Ji Ah
- He is now husband of actress Lee Eun-sung with one daughter

His latest track: