Rock band Gukkasten is now under the Interpark INT management

On October 24th, Interpark INT announced that Korean rock band Gukkasten has signed a contract under their management.

Interpark INT is the biggest concert ticketing company in Korea, while Gukkasten, which translates from the German language as 'Chinese-style kaleidoscope', is known for the rock music genre they offer. Gukkasten is currently polishing their new album, but there was no release date yet.

In 2003, Gukkasten was first introduced as The C.O.M. (더 시오엠). The original lineup is composed of vocalist Ha Hyun-woo, guitarist Jeon Kyu-ho, drummer Lee Jung-gil, and bassist Kim Jin-eok. They disbanded, and returned with Kim Ki-bum as bassist under the name Guckkasten in 2007. 

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SOURCE: Star News