'Pinocchio' unveils first still cuts of Lee Jong Suk + 2nd trailer video

Lee Jong Suk perfectly transforms into a country boy in first still cuts of SBS's upcoming drama 'Pinocchio'.

The still cuts show Lee Jong Suk dressing in school uniform with roll up pants and rubber shoes. In particular the thing that has caught many people's attention is his hideous messy hair which adds up to his country style.

Lee Jong Suk's agency revealed that the actor shared his ideas and directly chose the items such as suggesting the hairstyle in order to complete the look of the country boy Choi Dal Po.

The production crew of 'Pinocchio' said,"Lee Jong Suk has been filming harder than anyone else on the set, showing his affection towards his character. Please give Lee Jong Suk a lot of your interest as he will show his new charms and a vatiery of transformation through 'Pinocchio'".

'Pinocchio' tells the story about social affairs reporters and will be broadcasted on November 12th. Meanwhile, check out the 2nd trailer video below