'Pinocchio' unveils character still cuts of Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Yoo Bi, Kim Young Kwang

SBS's upcoming drama 'Pinocchio' has released official character still cuts of the main cast.

Lee Jong Suk will play as Choi Dal Po who is a taxi driver and later turns into a social affairs reporter thanks to his hidden talents. He lost his parents in a tragic accident and has lived his life by erasing all of his past since then. He has a handsome look but it get covered by his ugly hairstyle and fashion.

Park Shin Hye will take the role of Choi In Na who suffers from Pinocchio syndrome which makes her hiccup whenever she tell lies. She also doesn't know how to hide her feelings in front of the person she likes.

Kim Young Kwang will play as Seo Bum Jo who is a reporters with both look and wealth, a perfect man that capture all the women' hearts while Lee Yoo Bi will portrait Yoon Yoo Rae as high-spirit reporter who used to be an idol sasaeng fan.

'Pinocchio' will follow 'My Lovely Girl' and broadcast on November 12th.