Online ad's blunt description for Jessica's 'Hair Couture' product amuses netizens

Last year, SM Entertainment and SNSD signed a contract in partnership with fashion hair brand 'Hair Couture'.

Hair Couture is on the process to market their dry shampoo series with Girl's Generation members as their models but due to the unexpected withdrawal of Jessica from the group, they've come to face a very unfortunate situation.

In result, an online shopping mall which is selling the brand's products is seemed to be affected and made a blunt advertisement to sell Jessica's shampoo. The description is written as:

It's SNSD shampoo so we prepared this
But you have left so what do we do

Hair Couture SNSD dry shampoo 150mL

SNSD Jessica's shampoo that was prepared before she left
Although the timing is so vague, the product is nice so sell it, GOGO!

The advertisement caught the attention of not only their amused customers but netizens as well especially with the use of Jessica's picture along with the product.

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